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Eureka aussie mini bulldogs AMB

Aussie mini bulldogs AMB

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Some Background On Us

Bit about me and my kennels

Hi my name is Wendy Lee of  Tarkoo kennels that is continueing to strive and breed a sound and healthy mini version of the british bulldog type.

I have been involved heavlly all my life with breeding, showing and training dogs. I have shown & bred Whippets & British Bulldogs which included obedience training & Whippet Racing.

I have Trained Rottweilers & German Shepherds for Schutzhund Tracking & the Security Industry .

I Having owned and ran a  boarding kennel & Dog grooming Salon for numerous years successfully.

Our dogs have large indoor/ outdoor runs With shady trees and are aircondition kennels and heated in the winter months.

We welcome visitors interested in the breed Aussie Mini Bulldogs and wanting a puppy / adult  to join there family to come and touch and feel the breed and interact
with our boys & girls to see if this is the breed you want to join your family for many years to come and the joy they bring to your life.

We are here to help answer all your question and concerns you have about this fun loving breed that is a big part of our family they follick in the feilds say hello to the horses on the way down to the creek for there morning swim supervised of coarse. Once you see the breed you will be hooked.

Hope to see you soon!

My name is Amanda from Eureka kennels I started out buying my first little Aussie mini bulldog in 2014. With absolutely no plans of doing so, but a litter was on the ground when I was picking up a horse and ended up coming home with a puppy too! Within months I made contact with Wendy Lee asking for another. I fell in love with the bred immediately. Their temperament and cheeky little ways won me over. Wendy had just had a litter and now the wait was on, for Macey to be old enough for me to purchase my second Aussie Mini Bulldog. It was now I asked Wendy if I could join her breeding program. Which was granted and I was over the moon. Boss and Macey are my first breeding pair of Aussie Mini Bulldogs, whom have since given me 2 litters. Then came another & another. The saying you can’t stop at one bulldog is so true. We live on acreage where my dogs can run and swim in the dam everyday. Bought up with my family and many other animals. Our dogs are a part of our everyday activities. I joined the program knowing the breeding is conducted in a way that the dogs health and well-being are the priority of this breeding program. With DNA and hip and elbow scores all carried out on all breeding dogs to ensure a healthy and happy puppy made it feel right. I love breeding these puppies and love giving them great homes and seeing happy owners makes it all worth while. Everyday I am learning, every litter is a challenge but when your heart is in it, you can succeed & your wishes can come true