This started in 2013 to replicate the tempermantand character of the british bulldog in a mini version while improving on the general health and well being suited to Australia’s climiate.

The Registry will be closed to the public for a minimum of 2 years to 5 years untill we can establish the breed and only then open to dedicated breeders that have a true passion and understanding of the breed.

Our foundation girls have been chosen include smaller sized australian bulldogs, Imported british bull dogs for there health tempermant and soundness then our girls are bred back to british bulldog males to strengthen the desired nature and bulldog type in a mini version.

The desired breed percentage to maintain type,size, soundness and tempermant is 85 – 90%  british bulldog.


HEAD & SKULL: Head type to be broad and square loose folds across the nose but not excessively wrinkled.

The stop should be defined, Nostrils should be wide and large.

MOUTH: The jaws should be very broad, and square, Flews are broad and hanging.

Even bite with minimal gap.

EYES: Eyes set low and wide and round in shape

Ears should be set high in the head and in porportion, Rose ear is most desirable.
Flying ears undesirable should never be carried erect.

Preferably body length should equal height, Chest to have depth and width ,Shoulders and hips be the same width be muscular and strong, staight and powerful legs,The front feet should be straight not splayed or turned out. Girls body length may be greater than males for easier whelping.  

Smooth, short and tight to body.

All colours

Screw or crank and Short tails desired , long tails not desired. MOVEMENT:
Free and powerful.

14 –17 inches  
15 to 22 kgs    well balanced.


Puppies will have registration papers as a Aussie Mini Bulldog and issued by the registry.

Puppies will be either registered as:

  • Pet Only,
  • Limited, or
  • Mains Registered.

Pet only: puppies desexed.
Limited: Puppies true to type of the standard untill the breed is established and x-rayed.
Mains Registered: Puppies will be on limited register untill X-rayed and upgraded once the registry is open to the public




Road Transport can be arranged at buyers expense – Australia wide.